Professional fireworks displays using all-consumer products… whaaaaaat?!

You read it correctly: we can design and fire a truly spectacular show using the same products anyone can buy at the convenience store… it’s all about experience and knowledge!  Check out this video of a wedding show we just put on for a happy couple at Whistle Bear Golf Club in Cambridge, ON, one … Read more

Our online store is open for business!

North Star is selling consumer fireworks online, just in time for Canada Day 2020!  We’ve gathered over 300 of the best effects out there from the likes of Mystical (including their Pro Pyro series), Vulcan, Competition, True North and Big Value.  You can shop for individual effects and design your own show, or choose from … Read more


If you’re just too impatient to wait until nighttime for fireworks, you can add some colour to the daytime with our smoke grenades!  Pull the pin and and get some great pictures with your choice of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink, purple, or white smoke.  Perfect for gender reveals, weddings, engagement photography, birthdays… or … Read more