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At North Star Fireworks, we truly understand the wedding market: we have been tastefully enhancing this very special occasion for couples for over 25 years.

You have your own expectations and requirements; we can professionally customise your show to suit your tastes!

Surprise Your Guests

The process is turn-key; we look after everything from permits and pre-production, to working with the planner and the venue.  The show set up will never interfere with the ceremony or reception; your guests won’t even know that we are there until the show magically ignites on cue.

Classy And Formal

Our wedding shows are classy and formal in nature, professionally fired by our pyrotechnicians.  Crisscrossing gold and silver comets, beautiful sections of large flower shells, and grand finales of gold and silver brocades draping majestically to the ground all blend together to make your wedding one to remember.  We can even film your show from one of our drones so that you can enjoy it for years to come!

Be sure to keep scrolling to see our 3 breathtaking wedding show packages below.

I would like to thank you and Geoff for an amazing job on Sunday. Not only did the fireworks go off as planned, and surprising my bride but they were great and intense. They honestly exceeded my expectations and were worth every penny. I look forward to working with you on new events in the future."


Happy Groom

Thank you both so so so much for the amazing fireworks show! My family was blown away. It was really amazing. I see a lot of fireworks in Dubai but I’ve never seen a nautical one and that was really cool.

Thanks for making my wedding extra special.

Pam & Zeb

Happy Couple

I just got back from my honeymoon and wanted to send you a note to say that your guys did an incredible job. Our guests cannot stop talking about the fireworks show and everyone was so impressed. They said that show was better than the city fireworks they do on Canada day!

I was really glad that I got to meet Geoff beforehand and he explained his whole setup there. It was very impressive.

Thanks again for really making the night a hit.

Shawn Bolta

Happy Groom

Wedding Show Packages

Lasting Impressions

$2,500 / Show

  • This might be our "base" show, but it's anything but basic! Your guests will be thrilled by a tapestry in the sky woven with a combination of glittering peonies, chrysanthemums, comets and willow-like tendrils cascading to the ground. A perfect start to the night!

Pyro Elegance

$3,000 / Show

  • We start with Lasting Impressions and add more low-level effects, filling your field of view with a spectacular ground-to-sky display that is not only as elegant as its name suggests, but impressive to behold! This package offers a more substantial body and and even grander finale, and a beautiful heart-shaped setpiece to start the whole show off!

Grand Bravura

$5,000 / Show

  • Grand by name, grand by design; our most stunning wedding display. An intense burst of our most luxurious effects, opened with a beautiful heart-shaped set piece. We can also coordinate it to the colour scheme of your wedding, allowing you to make a truly personal mark on your big evening! And at the end: a majestic finale of scintillating gold that hangs in the sky, accompanied by thunderous salutes. As our most awe-inspiring package, your guests will be talking about your wedding for years to come.

We have developed 3 shows at 3 price points.  However, we can certainly accommodate bigger budgets.  These productions may include musical choreography, firing from an offshore barge, specialty nautical shells, set-pieces (think words and pictures drawn in fire!) and/or very high intensity designs.

Think your wedding venue space is a bit tight for professional-grade fireworks?  Think those fireworks in the convenience store aren't any good?  Think again!  Check out this video of a wedding show we designed and fired, using all consumer-grade pyrotechnics!  This allows for a show in smaller areas that will still be the highlight of your evening.  We know the product, we know the regulations, we know how to design a spectacular show at any budget.

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Impeccable Safety Standards

Northstar Fireworks is 100% Canadian-owned, with impeccable safety standards and professional, experienced technicians.  We carry 5 million dollars in liability insurance and are covered by WSIB.