The Drones Are Coming

A New Direction In The Festival Entertainment Industry.!

North Star's New Venture


That’s right! This amazing phenomena that you have seen all over social media is coming to the Canadian market in the summer of 2019!

Northstar Fireworks Entertainment has teamed up with a company named Arrowonics to develop a new company called Dragonfly. It is an amazing partnership, Northstar has been lighting up the Canadian skies for close to 30 years and has an unparalleled grasp of the national and international fireworks markets. Arrowronics is a state of the art technology company born from the University of Toronto robotics program who have developed and perfected the software and hardware for world class drone swarming shows.

Arrowronics have already performed multiple displays across the world, but their focus is more in the research and development of not only drones but other aerospace applications. This software is not just a tweaking of something bought off the shelf, no this software is custom made and only a handful of other companies world wide have developed such a product.

Like Northstar in the fireworks market we will grow our new company Dragonfly slowly and methodically. We will be offering shows in 2019 with 50 drones, by the end of the summer we will be designing shows with 100 drones. The plan is by 2021 to be up to 500.

Currently in the world, INTEL is the leader in the drone swarm market, with amazing shows at the Olympics, Super Bowl, and recently Chinese New Year lantern shows. They are the bench mark and can do shows with 1000 drones. These productions take months to script and the price tag for one of their shows can run into the millions of dollars. They are the only company in the world with this capability.

The drone market is in its infancy for sure. It will not replace or even hinder the fireworks market, it is simply a new direction in the festival entertainment industry. We are very excited about our new venture and decided that this FEO conference was a great place to launch our product. We are still in development of pricing, availability, web site and social media presence. So please watch our here for updates.

Until then please feel free to hook up with me at the conference and we can discuss!!