Next fireworks licencing course: October 14, 2023


Our next fireworks licencing course on March 4, 2023 is full and registration is now closed…   Not to worry if you missed it though, you can still get your fireworks licence on October 14, 2023 by registering here (or copy and paste into your browser).


This is the official Display Fireworks Safety and Legal Awareness Course, the official course created by the Explosive Regulatory Division (ERD) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan).  Successful completion of this course, and a passing grade on the test at the end, will allow you to apply for your Display Assistant-level Fireworks Operator Certificate (FOC)… in other words, you will be federally-licenced to handle professional-grade fireworks, and can work on fireworks displays with us!  This licence is valid anywhere in Canada, and the course is done online via web-conferencing software, so you can take the course from anywhere with a stable, high-speed internet connection!