Huge North Star Drone Events: Desjardins commercial; Bingemans series!


Very exciting news: North Star Drone Shows was hired by Desjardins Insurance to feature in an advertising campaign!  We flew several shows in Montreal and Shawinigan, Quebec, back in September… keeping it a secret was hard, but now that the commercials have been released, we can definitely say the wait was well worth it!  Take a look below, and be sure to reach us at to plan your next big event!

Want to see us in action?  Come to Bingemans On The Grand in Kitchener, ON, on Friday November 13, 2020 to watch our shows in person!  Tickets can be purchased online at, but be sure to snap them up ASAP!  Our double-header shows on November 7 have already sold out… you can catch the highlights through our social media though: @northstarpyrofx on all platforms.