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A New Direction In The Festival Entertainment Industry!

North Star's New Venture


November 6, 2020: North Star Drone Shows was hired by Desjardins Insurance to feature in an advertising campaign!  We flew several shows in Montreal and Shawinigan, Quebec, back in September 2020… keeping it a secret was hard, but now that the commercials have been released, we can definitely say the wait was well worth it!  Take a look below, and be sure to reach us at sales@northstar-fireworks.com to plan your next big event!

UPDATE: our drones have been featured on Festivals & Events Ontario's latest podcast, click below to tune in!


That’s right!  This amazing phenomenon that you have seen all over social media is coming to the Canadian market in 2020!

North Star Fireworks Entertainment has embarked on a new, innovative venture: DRONES. We've already been lighting up the Canadian skies for close to 30 years, and have an unparalleled grasp of the national and international fireworks markets.  We are now taking this expertise and investing it into both hardware and software for world-class drone swarming shows.  But it's not only us that is bringing our knowledge into play: we've teamed up with an award-winning pyrotechnician and drone expert, Patrice Guy!

A fellow Canadian, Patrice has already performed multiple drone displays across the world, not to mention some very spectacular showings at international fireworks competitions.  Currently based in the Philippines, Patrice will soon be returning to Canada to work alongside North Star, and together we will be taking outdoor visual entertainment to the next level.  Drone shows will by no means replace or even hinder the fireworks market; this is simply a new direction in the entertainment industry.  In fact, drones and fireworks complement each other perfectly: our clients can now choose between a cutting edge, choreographed "smart" light show, or the raw fire power and explosive sound we've become famous for over almost three decades.  Not to mention a combination of both in the same display... it will truly be a memorable experience!

Take a look below at just how versatile and customizable a drone show can be for any event or scenario:

We are currently putting the final touches on pricing, availability, a dedicated website and social media presence (price per show is variable on the number of drones and the date, availability and complexity of the show).  That being said, the demand for drone shows in Canada is already high and we have begun taking on clients for summer 2020.  It is easy for us to operate hundreds of fireworks shows yearly (with several dozens on Canada Day alone!), but the logistics of a drone show are much more complicated.  As such, we can only perform one or two on any given day.  Northstar is the only drone show operator in Canada, and dates are filling up quickly!  Be sure to contact us now in order to secure your booking.

Continue to check in for updates, and be sure to follow us on all social media platforms @northstarpyrofx for upcoming shows in 2020!

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