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Wedding Shows

Shouldn't there be fireworks on your wedding night?
Find out how

We are members of “Her Wedding Planner”

At North Star Fireworks, we understand the wedding market as we have been tastefully enhancing this very special occasion for couples for over 25 years!!
Each show, each venue, and each couple has special needs that we professionally package up for each production. The process is turnkey; we look after everything from permits and pre production to working with the planner and the venue. The show set up will never interfere with the ceremony or reception; your guests won’t even know we are there until magically the show ignites on cue on time.
Our wedding shows are classy and formal in nature, professionally fired by two of our techs, with sections of crossing gold and silver comets, beautiful sections of large flower shells from the Orient, grand finales of gold and silver brocades draping majestically to the ground. All this blends together to make your wedding one to remember!
Originally we developed each show individually for each wedding, but our customers really want interactive options so we have developed 3 shows at 3 price points. We can easily do more expensive shows, and we do regularly for some of our more exclusive shows. These productions may include musical choreography, barge locations, water shells, set pieces and/or very high intensity designs.
The package we have developed all follow the same idea, they are just longer or more intense based on budget.

  • Lasting Impressions

    This show is our base show still including all the afore mentioned effects. Its duration can vary up to approximately 7 minutes. A perfect start to the night!

  • Pyro Elegance

    Similar to Lasting Impressions, just slightly longer and more big shells in the mid section.

  • Grand Bravura

    Our most expensive pre packaged show. Includes “Heart shaped” shells and “Smiley faces”, It can be colour coordinated to your wedding. It duration is about 11 minutes and the finale is grander than the others.

Cottage Events

Do you want to have the best fireworks on the lake?

Are you tired of being ripped off by side of the road vendors?

NORTH STAR IS THE ANSWER!!! We will professionally set up and fire your show with high end, high level fireworks!! Bring the Ontario Place experience to your lake! North Star does more major cities and festivals than any other fireworks company in Canada, so team up with your neibours and bring this exciting plan to your next big get together. We do all the planning, paperwork and permits. All our tech’s are licensed experienced and insured. We are barge specialists!

This is not just a show it’s an experience

Shows starting at $3000.00 Contact us for details

North Star is 100% Canadian owned, we have an impeccable level of safety, with an intense training level for all of our techs. We carry 5 million liability insurance and are WSIB covered.